How I Grew My Instagram Following

Hello, my name is Kelsey AKA Tuttlepartyof5 over on Instagram. I decided in October of 2018 that I wanted to grow my Instagram account. At first it was because of some network marketing that I was in but a few months later I realized my true calling. I went from 600 followers to 10K in about 8 months. Was it easy? NO! It was in fact, a lot of work but mainly because I was doing it alone without really any idea of what the heck I was doing.

Lets be honest….Instagram is huge for all sorts of people. Sure, if you just want to share your photos with friends and family then your amount of followers and your engagement rate doesn’t matter.  Now, if you are a business owner of any kind and size, blogger, influencer, entrepreneur, or working toward any of those things than Growing Instagram can be HUGE for you!

I learned very quickly after starting my second blog that I  really needed to grow my Instagram more than ever if people were ever going to find me and my blog.  As a reminderI will say, my growth from 600 Instagram followers to 10K+ followers did NOT happen overnight.

It did take a lot of research! Some Classes! A lot of trial and error! Time, Patience, consistency, and an open mind!

What I mean by trial and error… Some things I tried would give me steady growth faster than others.  Some things I tried I would see my follower count increase very quickly but I was also losing followers at the same rate.  The biggest thing I realized…. Real Organic Followers were more important long term than FAST BAD FOLLOWERS! If you want to make any money from Instagram you have to know FAST is NOT the answer! Slow and Steady followers WANT to follow you and are INTERESTED in what you are doing, saying, sharing, selling, whatever it is you want them to get out of your Instagram.

As an influencer with over 10K followers now I get questions all the time on how I grew my Instagram from all sorts of people. Again, Instagram can be a huge platform for so many people because it allows people, businesses, and brands to find you.

With that said… I have decided it is time that I share my Tips, tricks, and secrets that I have learned and that I am continuing to learn.  It is not fair for me to keep this information all to myself any longer.  So, if you want to know how I did it, want one on one consulting on your Instagram, and want to organically grow your Instagram then click here!

You are also more than welcome to message me with any questions you may have over on Instargram!