Never The Girl With The Good Hair Until Cashmere Hair

Never the Girl with the good hair….

You all know the girl that never seems to have a bad hair, has long luxurious hair, that can pull it up or wear it down and it always looks cute.  Sure, these girls are probably far and few between but I am here to tell you I was the girl with the BAD hair.

My hair has always been super fine, breaks super easy, has a bad wave if I let it air dry, and will not hold a curl.  Oh and basically can’t/won’t grow past my shoulders.  Really the only way my hair has ever gotten compliments is when its ridiculously short…. Don’t get me wrong I love short hair but sometimes you want something different, right?

Long story short…there was a new shampoo lined introduced and I was convinced that it would be my answer to good hair.  I truly believe it is the answer to some, I however was not one.  In fact, It made it worse which who knew was even possible.  I stuck it out for almost 2 years because it was “part of the process.” My hair was so broken and damaged that I had to throw in the towel.

My hairstylist Katie at Lacquer Salon in Peoria Heights, IL has helped me find products to reconstruct my hair and I am happy to report it has gotten better but its still the same as it was pre new shampoo damage.  Check out the products I am using and absolutely loving! You can shop them easily by clicking the image or here.

So even though my hair was improving…I knew it still would not be the hair of my dreams.  I started talking to Katie about hair extensions because we both knew that really was my only option.  So, long story short… we talked about beaded extensions, tie in extensions, tape in extensions, and clip in extensions.  Honestly, who even knew there were so many options.  I sure didn’t!

We decided that tape in or clip in were the best options for my hair.  I went back and forth on what I wanted and decided that I wanted LOW maintenance and something I could take out.  The bonus to clip in extensions besides taking them out… you can move them around your head for different looks!

Why I chose Cashmere Hair…

So just like anything there are a lot of clip in extension options and some are better than others.  With that said…there are also a lot of different price points and somethings are just worth the money.  I started researching which ones were right for me.  I had already heard good things and read a ton of good reviews about Cashmere Hair so I inquired about it over Instagram and the customer service won me over.

After we settled on the 16″ Pale Blonde, I started stalking my front porch and mailbox.  I was seriously so excited.  Once they arrived, they had a big pocket that had 7 strands in it and then one by itself.  The one stand alone piece was for me to put in my hair to make sure the color was a good match!  The idea behind this is so you can return the other 7 if the color does not match.  I loved knowing I was not going to be stuck with extensions that did not match.

However, it was a non issue! The color matched surprisingly well!  Besides the few clip in pieces I had on my wedding day…I had never clipped in extension myself.  The package gave you an idea of how to place them and they were actually very simple.  In a nutshell you get 3 for the back of your head and 4 side pieces. Clipping them in literally only takes 5 minutes! They are so easy!

As I said before I was so excited that I literally put them all in! For the first time ever….I HAD SO MUCH HAIR!  I was immediately obsessed! The looked real, they held a curl, they were so LONG, and they didn’t hurt!

After a week and a half of wearing Cashmere Hair I can honestly say I will never go without!  My real hair might still be bad but I look like I have good hair!

Playing with Cashmere Hair…

One thing about me and is a large contributor to my bad hair is that I love to change up the color! Sometimes I add more highlights and sometimes I add more lowlights. So, I needed to know that my Cashmere Hair could do the same.

Now, not all hairstylist are good at extensions.  I am fortunate that my girl was 100% honest with me about this and wasn’t offended that I found someone that does love working with extensions. If you are local and want tape in or clip in extension I highly recommend talking to Colleen at Gloss.

Colleen added just a few lowlights into my Cashmere Hair extensions because I was feeling a little on the lighter side than I wanted to be.  She then also layered them in a bit to help blend in my shoulder length hair.

As I stated I really didn’t know how to place them other than what the package showed me so Colleen also changed up my placement a little bit and I loved my Cashmere Hair even more!! She reassured me that there are endless ways to wear clip ins which is half the fun! Not only did she move them around she showed me how to move them for different styles!

A few things I know for sure…

I am obsessed with my Cashmere Hair! I look like I have good hair! Colleen at Gloss in Peoria, IL can work some serious magic with tape in and clip in extensions! I will forever wear Cashmere Hair!

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