A little back story…

Oh if I could go back in time, I would tell my 14 year old self to not let some girl at the mall wax my perfectly fine eyebrows. Sure, they may have been a little on the bigger side but that is totally the trend now.

Basically, I had average eyebrows and then for 16-18 years I had them waxed or threaded by anyone and everyone.  Some people were better than others but I pretty much got the same result… a VERY thin crescent moon shaped brow.

I was blonde for a good part of my childhood and my hair has continued to get darker but my eyebrows have remained pretty blonde. So I have even tinted my thin crescent moon shaped brows to help them somewhat stand out.

So maybe this isn’t the case for everyone but I had my brow hair removed so many times that it finally just kind of stopped growing in. A couple of years ago I did start applying Rodan + Fields Lash Boost to my brows and it honestly has created new growth but it still wasn’t like I wanted.

Over the years I have tried several brow products in effort to give myself  some brows.  Now, I am not an artist so I didn’t get all crazy with drawing them in but I did find some products worked well at giving the appearance of more brow than others.

Here are my favorites…

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Now, lets talk Microblading

Microblading by definition is a tattooing technique that applies semi permenant pigmented brushstrokes to the skin. Microblading differs from standard eyebrow tattooing because each hair stroke is created by using a blade. I know sounds bad but it’s painless.

The art of eyebrow tattooing has been around for awhile not but Microblading has become super popular in the last couple of years. I am guessing it has something to do with all of us who suffer from the waxing trend.

Anyways, the moment I heard about this and inquired about it I knew it was for me! However, at the time I was pregnant and then nursing and then I needed to let my hormones level out before the time was right.

The time was finally right and I did it!

Now, picking someone to do your microblading can be scary… I mean you hear horror stories, right? I know a lot of people locally drive 3+ hours to go to Indy Microblading because they want to go somewhere they trust. I get that! I followed CJ for awhile on Instagram and loved her work.

I then learned that CJ went to Microblading/powder brow training at Indy Microblading. She also went to Advanced Machine Brows and Lash Enhancement Eyeliner at Permanent Makeup Designs Academy.

Truthfully, she was able to start Microblading after her training at Indy but she felt that she wanted to have more knowledge and skill which is why she took another course. This put me at ease and reassured I picked someone that truly wants to offer a good service to her clients.

 The Process…

When you first arrive you fill out some paperwork and then CJ discusses with you what you are wanting. She errors on the conservative side of things because she can always add more at the touchup appointment. Oh and yes this is a 2 appointment procedure.

Once you are both on the same page she begins the numbing process. That’s a piece of cake she wipes some cream on and lets it sit. Absolutely no pain! CJ then does some color matching to try and decide which color is best for the brushstrokes and a complementing color for the shading in.

After the numbing cream has been on for 20 minutes give or take she then beings to map out your brows. This part does take a little bit because she wants to make sure they match and belong to you. As I mentioned before I had thin crescent moon shaped brows that were very basic and boring. I did want her to add just a little definition or as she likes to call it , “drama” to my brows. So she made sure to map that out too. So definitely let her know what you are looking for.

Alright, so once are numbed and mapped out. She has you look at the outline and make sure you like what you see. Once you are good, CJ will begin the actual microblading process which is the brushstrokes with the blade. This is what makes the brows look natural and not just tattooed on.


As she goes from one brow to the other she does reapply a numbing agent so that you can remain comfortable throughout the whole process. She will also ask to make sure you are not in any paid or discomfort.

Once she is happy with the brushstrokes she moves in with the shading which is done with a handheld machine much like they would use to do a tattoo.  The thing about CJ is she is a perfectionist so she takes are time and will not let you leave until she is happy.  This is obviously what you want when someone is working on your brows that everyone will see!

Again, she errors on the conservative side because she can always add more later. In 8+ weeks I will return for a touchup.  She said I will lose about 30%+ of it between now and then and that is why a 2nd session is needed.

The Aftercare…

Once you are done, that day you just keep cleaning the brows with gauze saturated in witch hazel.  Then the next day and for as long as you can, you use after inked ointment that she gives you.

The brows do scab up the day after and so you want to keep the scabs soft so they do not pull out the pigment. Miner personally were slightly tender (like a sunburn) to the touch but not bad that day.  By the second day mine did not hurt but itched slightly because of the healing process.

You do not want to sweat or get them overly wet during the healing process that can take 10-14 days. You also want to make sure that you protect them from the sun because they will burn if you are not careful.

The not sweating has been the hardest part of the whole process because that means no exercise for me. As far as protecting them from the sun…I have been find by just wearing a hat.

My brows after…

I am so happy with how they look! I absolutely love the color and the shape! I was not going for big and bushy I was going for what fit my face. I also wanted just a little more “drama” to them and CJ NAILED it!

My before and after

My husband was worried they were going to be huge, end up connected, and look tattooed on.  He pretty much took every horror story and convinced himself that, that was what mine would be. Long story short….he was pleasantly surprised how good they looked and said “the do not look tattooed on at all.”

I would highly recommend CJ for microblading!

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