Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s day is such a special day to honor the women that gave their everything and continue to give their everything for us. So what do you give them in return? Sure, they don’t “want” or “need” anything but if you are like me…I love to give gifts.

I have been known to give personalized gifts that we have painted at our local paint your own pottery places. The kids always enjoy these “projects!”

I had one made for each Grandma and myself… this is mine.

I also love to just gift them outdoor planters with flowers. This is another great way to have little hands help.

A simpler idea is a gift card to their favorite places! Then they can pick out exactly what they want!

Or how about a trip to the local spa? Who doesn’t LOVE to be pampered? If they are local to Peoria, IL I highly recommend gifting them a Hydrafacial from Aesthetics at Illinois Eye Center. Just be sure to mention Kelsey20 for 20% off their first visit!

Still not sure…I have put together a list of 50 great gifts options for those special women. This is also good if your loved ones need a little help in the gifting department…just send them the link!

I hope this helps make Mother’s Day gifting easier for you or at the very least gives you some ideas. I would love to hear from you if you like these or have some other ideas too!

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