March 2019 Top Ten

I don’t know about you guys but March seriously flew by! I swear I blinked and it was over. I have decided since my Instagram and Blog Following is increasing it would be fun to look back each month and see what items you all loved the most and which ones were duds. This is a great way for me to get to know you guys are what you are shopping for.

I always want to make sure that I am sharing with you the best content and sales so looking over this info helps me to continue to be your go to influencer. I also love showing you a little behind the scenes info.

From a quick glance it appears that you all LOVE Amazon, Target, and Loft just as much as I do! So I will be sure to continuing sharing from there but also other places.

To Shop any of the items below, just click on the image or the name of the product and it will take you right to the retailers site to purchase. Also, if you like this behind the scenes info and are curious about how I gather this info, scroll down to the bottom of this post.

Top Ten Pieces Purchased

Starting with the most popular item!

1. Loft Garden V-Neck Flutter Top

You all loved this top so much you totally sold it out! I am linking a few others that are similar in style.

2. AEO Ruffled Slide

3. Women’s Casual High Waisted Self Tie Short

4. Loft Ruffle Shorts

5. Women’s Print Kimono

6. Scalloped Cami

7.Women’s T-Shirt Long Dress

8. Women’s Leopard Print Sleeveless Blouse

9. Loft Leopard Print Flippy Skirt

10. White Distressed Denim Shorts

My Personal March Favorites

Well its clear my followers have excellent taste because you all shopped several of my favorites! Lets be honest everything I share with you is my new favorite. However, one item that has been somewhat shopped somewhat overlooked might be my most favorite item of all!

Loft Striped Strappy Cami

These Strappy Camis come in a few patterns and I WANT THEM ALL! they are all so cute and they are a great fit!

How I obtain the monthly top ten data….

I use an affiliate program called Rewardstyle. Basically in a nutshell if you click on any link on my Blog or Social Media and it takes you to the product page on a retailers site then Rewardstyle can track that it originated from me. Some affiliates pay per click that they generate from their site….Rewardstyle pays per purchase made. So, if you do in fact click on one of my links and then make a purchase…I will get a small commission. A lot of Bloggers out there use this same program as a part of their revenue source.

That is not all this program does. It also allows me access to data analytics. This data shows me what items are clicked on and purchased. It does not show me who specifically clicked on the link nor can I see who purchased the items. I do love when my followers share their purchases with me because it allows me the opportunity to get to know them. Also, if you do click the link and purchase more than one item… I cannot see what other items you grabbed.

Why is all of this important to me? It very simply allows me access to know what you are all liking and shopping for. At the end of the day, this little blog is meant to be of course my likes but catering to your style. So seeing the clicks and purchases allow me to continue to cater to your likes.

This little blog is growing and becoming a very fun business for me which means I am beyond appreciative when you choose to click and shop my links. I absolutely cannot do this nor grow this business without each and everyone of you! I am using so much of my downtime and kids nap/rest times to make this a successful resource for my followers. I truly hope that you are enjoying a good portion of what I share with you.

I realize that downloading the app ( and clicking the links is an added step for you but please know it means the world to me every time I see a purchase! Those purchases are what allow me the opportunity to keep sharing these finds with you.

I get a lot of questions about links that send you to an app such as Amazons app or targets app…unfortunately those purchases do not count for me. Its not the commission I am concerned about but that it doesn’t allow me to see what items are being purchased. Obviously, if its easier for you to use the app by all means but again I would love for you to share your purchases with me.

All of this is to say, shopping through my links does not cost you anything extra (there are no hidden fees), the retailer just pays me a small cut since I am the one that referred you. Please know I am so thankful of all of my followers and for every link clicked and purchased made. You better believe every new follower I gain (on my app and social media), every link click, and every purchase made…this 34 year old momma of 3 does a happy dance!


I am a wife and mom to 3 children. I have a love for fashion, cooking, staying up on trends, and of course my family!

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