Nail Salon Birthday Party

I absolutely love planning, prepping and hosting parties. In fact, I have tossed around the idea of being a party planner a time or two.

I also love giving my kids lasting memories. Yes, we give them things but I definitely prefer memories over things.

So, when it comes time to throw a birthday party I like to have a party that’s going to give them those lasting memories.

Mae’s 5th Birthday wasn’t my typical party. I am known for having parties at our home that have a theme, more food (good food)then you can imagine, and plenty of beer and wine to help with the chaos of the kids running around. Since this was her first friends only birthday I let Mae have more say in this party than any of the others. If you know me at all…this was hard for me.

We decided together to have her party at our favorite nail salon with all the girls from her class and a few outside friends. Here is where this party became unlike the rest… it wasn’t at our house!

When I called Zen Nail Lounge to setup the party they wanted me to call 4 weeks from the date of the party to set it up. They were accepting of the number of 5 year old girls they just asked that 1 adult be there per 2 kids to help maintain control.

Since I had to wait until 4 weeks before the party to make the reservation it didn’t exactly allow me to do my typical invites. So, we did evites and honestly it totally worked.

We went with the free evite option!

Zen Nails also was fine with me bringing food and drinks but asked that I not bring a cake. This was a nonissue because we love getting cookies from Baked Blessings By Lisa in Morton, IL. She makes the most adorable sugar cookies that taste as good as they look!

Since we did a 9:30am appointment at the nail salon I did coffee, hot chocolate (Mae’s request), water, juice, and munchkins from Dunkin Donuts. I did go into our local Dunkin’ Donuts a couple days prior to set up everything. This made everything so easy because I just had to pick it up on our way to the salon.

I let Mae pick out her plates and Napkins from the Party City Website. This was hard for me. I knew her cookies were going to be girly spa princess themed. So I personally would have just done plan or a simple pattern but my almost 5 year old had her heart set on unicorns and that’s what we got. This was way easier than going into the store and we were able to order online and send my husband to pick it up. It was a huge time saver and we didn’t pickup anything extra we didn’t need!

Now rewind a few weeks before her party we attended a local event that had a princess appearance. I couldn’t stop thinking about how much it would mean to Mae and the memories it would create if a princess came to her party. Mae has always made a big deal about the fact that Santa comes to our middle child’s birthday. So, that made me think even more about having a princess come to hers. So I contacted Tara the owner of A Royal Remembrance and we set up for her to come to the salon. Not only was this going to give all the girls so many great memories it was also going to control some of the chaos that can come with 16 little girls hopped up on sugar in a confined area.

When A Royal Remembrance is invited to a birthday party they typically are there for an hour. During that hour they read, sign songs, and play games/activities that they provide. They also coronate the birthday girl, lead the birthday song, and proved photos and autographs. Depending on what you want there are a few different package options.

We didn’t require as much since we were in a nail salon. Our princess made a Grand Entrance that had most of the girls star struck. We just wanted her there to do the coronation with the birthday girl and then hang out and take photos with her guests. She did also sing a song and made every little girl feel so special. The birthday girl was crowned princess with a keepsake crown and had the most magical experience. The party was as contained and chaos free as much as it could be with 16 little girls.

As a mom, the best part of the coronation was the questions that the Princess asks the soon to be princess that she has to answer I Will to. They are questions like… you must be kind and generous, you must apologize when in the wrong, you must listen to the queen and king aka mom and dad, and so many more that you can remind your little one that she did agree to! It’s truly magically!

A Royal Remembrance is such a pleasure to work with. They do an amazing job and the princesses look like they walked right out of a fairytale. The owner Tara is one of the nicest people you will work with!

As far as the nails being done at Zen Nail Lounge. They did a great job. We had a couple of options to choose from. Obviously, they can get full mani and pedi but that can get pricey. Another option is just a polish change on fingers and toes which is the least expensive route. For a few dollars more the girls can get their feet wet before their toes are painted. There is an up-charge on this because they use liners in the foot baths but the girls seem to really enjoy that part. They also let all the girls pick up to 2 colors with no extra charge.

With 16 girls getting their feet wet, and fingers and toes painted, a coronation, and pictures with a princess you would think this would take awhile. This party was done in about an hour and a half! All the businesses we worked with to make this day full of memories did an amazing job! We cannot say enough good things and we would definitely use them all again!

Now, we couldn’t have a birthday without a cake, right?!? I had a feeling Mae was going to pick Unicorn plates so I had a friend of ours make a Unicorn Cake. Nicole made an absolute perfect unicorn cake! It was chocolate cake (Mae’s favorite) with a whipped Oreo filling and an Italian buttercream. Definitely check out her Facebook page. She is very talented!

This has been my favorite party we have had to date. What has been your favorite party you have hosted?!?

I am a wife and mom to 3 children. I have a love for fashion, cooking, staying up on trends, and of course my family!

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