One Piece or Two

Lets talk swimwear!

Lets be 100% honest…it doesn’t matter what size you are, chances are you don’t love swimsuit shopping for obvious reasons. I mean it’s human nature to really not like something about your body, right? If you do love everything about your body, please share your your positivity with us.

Not only is our own self image an issue for picking out suits but we also have that voice in our head telling us we might be judged if we wear that.  Am I right again? Why do we have these doubts? We should feel beautiful no matter what! To be perfectly honest, we need to stop worrying what others might think because chances are they have insecurities too. Whether they are in fact judging us or not, it really shouldn’t matter as long as we feel beautiful!

Before I show you some of my favorite suits (no judging) I am going to be real with you. I am 5’8″ on a good day… I typically wear a Small top in Swimwear and a Small to Medium Bottom. This mom butt prefers to be covered and that is just my personal preference.  I have had 3 babies and 3 C-sections.  I am blessed to not have any stretch marks (I got lovely spider veins instead) but I do not have a super toned tummy and I do have a nice shelf of scar tissue from my C-sections.  I have a lower back tattoo that I swore I would never regret…I wouldn’t say I regret it but I don’t love to show it off anymore.

After my first baby I toned back up pretty well and wore a bikini. After baby 2 I decided I better just stick to mom one piece swimsuits. Why did I think this? Honestly, I thought since I was a mom of two it was time to cover up.  Now 8 months post baby number 3…I decided F that I am going to wear whatever I feel beautiful in! Just because I have 3 babies doesn’t mean I can’t wear certain things. Just because I am 34 years old doesn’t mean I have to wear a Full Coverage Swimsuit. So, here I am showing you one and two pieces that I think cover well but are still stylish swimsuits!

Please keep in mind as I’m showing you the fit of these swimsuits it’s -4° outside with a foot of snow on the ground. I could probably use a spray tan.

High Waisted Vintage Two Piece

This first suit is a waffled texture. It definitely holds you in nicely. The scalloped edges hide a lot. The scallops are not tight so you don’t get a muffin top like you might from some suits. It has great booty coverage too! I am wearing a small.

Wish You Well Lace

This is a great one piece. I actually got this one right after having baby 3 so it’s actually a medium. 8 months later I could use a small to hold in the chest area better but otherwise love this suit. It’s so feminine and has great coverage!

Rambling Rose High Waisted Bikini

This suit had me at ruffles and high waist! It comes up high enough on the tummy that is so flattering. The top doesn’t have a clasp that can come undone. And it’s got great booty coverage!! I am wearing a small.

Heart Falbala One Piece

Hello Peacock Blue Swimsuit with ruffles!! I ordered a small in this. It’s another very flattering swimsuit that holds everything in nicely! It’s fun and flirty and absolutely perfect!

Tempt Me Off The Shoulder Two Piece

I am kind of obsessed with this one. The straps are removable however with little kids I will probably keep mine attached. Anyways, the coverage is so good. The combination of the ruffle top and high waist gives great tummy coverage. It also again… has great booty coverage! I am wearing a size small.

Ladies Vintage Lace One Piece

I am slightly obsessed with this olive green swimsuit! This one is a size small. It is similar to the Wish You Well Lace but that one is a medium. As you can see this one fits the girls a bit better since I sized down. The fit is great everywhere! The color is great! It’s so feminine And slightly sexy… that your forget it’s a one piece!

Leopard Bikini Top

High Waist Bikini Bottoms

I ordered a size 4 top and size 4 bottom in this sporty little bikini. The top is great for holding the girls in and the bottom has great booty coverage. I typically prefer some padding and this top doesn’t have any. However the pattern is busiest enough I’m not sure it will be an issue. I however love the leopard print!

In The Forest One Piece

I love the pattern of this suit! It’s so fun! I am also obsessed with the style. It has a V shaped front with cutouts. It has cute cutouts mid tummy/waist area. Then there is also the cute ruffle that goes all the way around you! It also has great coverage of all the parts!! I am wearing a small in this suit.


Cocoship Mesh Striped High Waisted Bikini

I orders this fun suit in a small! I’m absolutely in love with the style and fit of this suit! It sells out quickly but they do keep restocking it as of now. The tie top has good coverage because the triangles don’t move. The bottom is a perfect high waist with great booty coverage! There are similar looking suits that pop up but I can only speak for this brand.

Simple Living Stripe One Piece

The name says it’s all. This suit is simple but still flattering and feminine. It holds everything in nicely so you don’t have to worry about much in this suit. This one was another one a few weeks after baby number 3 so it is a medium but it still fits well as a medium. I don’t really think you need to size up. In fact I could easily size down to my normal size now. It does have a tie back so you can tighten up the girls!

Neat As A Pinstripe Halter One Piece

This is another medium that I ordered right after baby 3. The beauty of this suit… the halter strap is removable but so is the little tie. Right after baby 3 my boobs needed more coverage so I removed the tie and it wasn’t an issue. With the tie… you do have less coverage which is a non issue now. The suit has a cute little cutout on the front and back. It also had great booty coverage. I could probably size down to my normal size now.

Becca Color Play One Piece

Mine is a few years old but they keep making it just with changes to the colors and the crochet area. I linked the closest match. I wear a small in this suit. The front coverage is great! It’s a cute fit with the crochet cutouts. The back… the booty side coverage isn’t as much as I prefer most of the time but there are definitely less covering suits. While it does cover my tattoo… it just barely does. I do pull the booty up some which is what decreases the side coverage.

Now, I don’t love to just walk around in a swimsuit so I do prefer a coverup or kimono. Here are 2 coverups I have snagged this year that I really like!

Pom Pom Coverup

Women’s woven Kaftan Coverup

This one is a touch shorter which I don’t mind but it’s also cute paired with some cutoffs!

I love shopping because majority of their suits have actual reviews and even some people other than models showing pictures of the fit. The swimsuits are reasonably priced and really good quality! They are stylish and have suits for really any and all body shapes and sizes.

Now, while shopping for your suits… shop for what you feel beautiful in! Shop as if there isn’t anyone going to judge you because honestly if you feel beautiful there won’t be anyone judging you!

If you find a suit that you love… please share it with me! I have a slight addiction to swimsuits… if you couldn’t tell!

I am a wife and mom to 3 children. I have a love for fashion, cooking, staying up on trends, and of course my family!


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