Time for a New Planner

From LifePlanner to Simplified Planner

A few weeks ago I asked via social media what everyone’s favorite planner was. It’s surprisingly a loaded question. Everyone has their views on what planner is best.

I mean what works for one person or family will most definitely not work for everyone. Some like week planners, some like simple month planners, some prefer the 2019 method…the calendar on tour phone or google, and some prefer no planner at all.

My planner addiction began with an Erin Condren LifePlanner. I received my first one the year our daughter was born. It had everything I was looking for. A month spread where I could jot in appointments and events. A notes area to write in whatever I wanted to remember. Folders to hold miscellaneous mail or things to take care of. The big thing…each day had/has its own block of 6 or 7 lines to write more about that actual day.

This “each day” business is where my love began. I didn’t just write down our schedules but I was able to keep track of feedings, milestones, and life events/happenings. My planner was not just a planner. It was a baby book and journal.

Fast forward 5 years… I decided it might be time or fun to try a new planner. Not because the LifePlanner wasn’t working but because I was ready to hit the ground running differently in 2019 than I was in 2014.

When I asked the loaded question on social media I posted a few Planners I was considering. The Erin Condren LifePlanner was definitely brought up a few times but one other planner I was considering was too.

So, I decided to order my first Simplified Planner and I was immediately happy with my decision. My life is slightly different than it was in 2014. I now have 3 kids, a global business, a blog, I am Room Mom for her our daughter’s class, I do charity phone calls for our church, and I help my husband with the back office of his practice all while staying home and being a homemaker. I wear a lot of hats! I was ready for a planner that could organize and handle all of those hats and this is it!

Again, it has the monthly calendar lay out with a Notes section. I prefer to cross out notes and write in GOALS. Emily Ley has a little simplicity Tip at the top of each month layout too.

Then theres the “each day” area and monday- Friday has a 6am – 9pm hourly line.  This is awesome! It also has just as large column for a To Do List right next to it.

Saturday and Sunday share a page but we are typically less hectic on the weekends so this works for us.  On Sunday it has a box to write in a memory for the week. This little box speaks to my heart since I use my planners as my journal too.  Suday’s also have instead of a to do list…a Weekly Prep week.  She is teaching you to set yourself up for success for the week. She starts you off with; Plan Meals for the week ahead, Tidy up for a clean slate on monday, Write tasks/appointments for the week, Fill you “tank.” Enjoy what matters most, and then 5 more lines for you to add in your weekly prep tasks.

The only other “fluff” to this planner is in the very beginning. Emily Ley goes over the process of Simplifying, How to use your Simplified Planner, Holidays at a glance, and some Simplified Prepwork.  There is one sheet of stickers that I love and a folder pocket on the front cover.  You can purchase more stickers and other accessories on her website.

That is it. The Simplified Planner is just that. Simple but with the added touches that work better for our fast paced life!

What’s your favorite planner?!?

I am a wife and mom to 3 children. I have a love for fashion, cooking, staying up on trends, and of course my family!

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