As if Amazon could get better

My recent fav Amazon Finds

Oh Amazon! How did we survive without Amazon?!? I mean you are going through your day and you realize you could use or maybe need something… I bet Amazon has it! The answer is of course they do!

Not only do they have it… they probably have options! But the best part is, it will most likely arrive in a day or two!

My new favorite thing to shop for on Amazon… clothes and shoes. They have so much to choose from! They also have amazon wardrobe prime where you get to try before you buy! Now, not all of the fashion items on amazon are under the wardrobe prime but the selection seems to be increasing!

Since I have been finding some great pieces at pretty darn good prices, I thought I would share them with you.

Let’s see… in this picture I am wearing a Waffle Knit that ties in the front but I prefer the front tuck over the knot. The buttons are functioning which is awesome for anyone but especially a nursing mom.

My Booties that I’m obsessed for were less than $30! I love the height and the metal detailing!!

The Black boots in the are again another great find! They are comfortable and fun with detailing on the back! These babies are going fast!

This pocket Tank Top was in and out of my cart because I just wasn’t sure. I am glad I finally ordered it. It’s less than $20! It’s a great material and shape. It comes in several other colors too!!

This Jumpsuit blew up on my Instagram for obvious reasons, it’s super cute! The reviews online were so so but I decided for $20 it was worth seeing. The fabric isn’t what I thought it was going to be but I still like it. The fabric is light, airy, and seems like it will not wrinkle!

Sometimes you need a good Tee that’s less than $12. I love the pop of yellow but I have to say my favorite part is… the rounded bottom. I can’t wait to pair it with shorts!!

This Cardigan is always a huge hit! I mean it’s a great length, weight, and it’s Leopard!

This Apple Watch Band is a MUST HAVE! It’s so cute and it’s that soft silicone material so you can literally wear it all day everyday!!

And then there was this Bikini.

I have ordered a few other swimsuits and coverups so if you are interested in finding great swimwear at a reasonable price… subscribe to my blog so you can be updated when that post hits my blog!

I’m guessing this will not be the last Blog Post of my great Amazon find either! What are you currently shopping for?!?

I am a wife and mom to 3 children. I have a love for fashion, cooking, staying up on trends, and of course my family!

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