Why Stay-at-home parents turn to Blogging and or Direct Sales

Stay-at- home parents finding themselves in direct sales, Online influencing, and or blogging

It’s another day of logging on to your favorite social media platform. It’s another day you see a friend pop up sharing/selling something to you. They may or may not be a mother. They may or may not be a Stay-at-home parent. The trend is so big that anyone and everyone is jumping on the band wagon!

Ladies and even men everywhere are on social media sharing and selling for all sorts of different reasons. Some are doing it for fun, some want a career change, some are looking for a plan b, some want an extra paycheck, some want to network… I mean the reasons are endless.

This post is really just my personal feelings and opinion. I’m writing it to help moms (possibly dads) everywhere know they are not alone. This is not meant to shame anyone by any means. I truly believe you have to do what makes you happy in life because nothing and no one person can do it for you.

Why I believe Stay-at-home parents are jumping on this trend…to find themselves. Sure, they are (I am) grateful to be able to be home but like it is for all parents working or staying at home, the days and even nights are long some days.

Most parents wake up and pretty much do the same thing everyday. I means it truly feels like “ground hogs” day some weeks. Am I right?!? I mean it’s cooking, cleaning, laundry, bathing kids, feeding kids, driving from here to there, and some leaving the house for work. It’s more than all of this but in a nutshell it’s the same over and over. Don’t get me wrong most of it is amazing and so much fun but it’s also work!

Let me get back to the… some leaving the house for work. Stay-at-home moms do just like the words say… stay at home. Again, not shaming anyone but staying at home means you are in the thick of it all day…e v e r y d a y. You don’t get a break (those may or may not exist in jobs these day). You do not get to go to the bathroom alone. You do not get to have lunch alone or with coworkers. You do not get that commute to and from work by yourself to decompress. Don’t get me wrong some moms and dads that work outside the house would love to trade all of that in to stay at home. I get it! It really has its perks but so does going to work.

So what do I mean by stay-at-home moms and dads are finding themselves through direct sales, influencing, and or blogging?!? Families have made the decision for one of the parents to stay home for all sorts of reasons… but to do it they have let go of a big part of themselves. For lack of a better term a job or career was given up. Sure, some careers and jobs might be bigger and better than others but at the end of the day it has been given up.

By making the change from working to staying home some people lose a part of their identity, they have to make cutbacks big and small, they become lonely because they are no longer conversing everyday with coworkers, they feel out of touch. Sure, not everyone feels all of this but if you ask a stay-at-home parent… they probably have felt some of this a time or two.

So, this trend of finding work through social media is Huge! It doesn’t matter what the work is that is being done… for most it’s an outlet! It’s a chance to meet new people. It’s a chance to make their own money to contribute to the family. It’s a way to make themselves a priority all while being home in the thick of it. It’s a way to learn something new. It’s a way to talk to other adults and not just tiny humans all day. It’s a way to grow as a person. It’s a creative outlet. It’s a way to teach your children you can have it all!

My office most days!

Choosing to work via social media isn’t all that different from going out and finding a part time job. It’s an outlet, it’s a chance possibly to make some extra cash, it’s a way to meet new people. However, people don’t get shamed and made fun of for going out and finding a part time job. And on the other side of that people have the opportunity to make more money via social media than they might from getting a part time job.

My point is…times have changed. Social media is a huge part of so many lives for so many different reasons. If you are a stay-at-home or someone that works, or a student, or whatever it is you are at this moment but you are looking for more… this trend might be for you!

If you are someone that’s getting annoyed by logging on to see yet another friend sharing or selling something then you have a couple options. You can choose to support them. Support doesn’t always mean buying whatever they are selling or sharing (you can of course). It means liking their posts/blogs, commenting on their posts/blogs, and or sharing their posts/blogs. Because remember they are doing it for themselves and possibly their family. They have their reasons to do it and it’s your choice to support them or not. Or if you really don’t get it then just stop following them… it’s that easy! But remember just because you don’t like it or get it doesn’t mean it’s not right for them!

I am a wife and mom to 3 children. I have a love for fashion, cooking, staying up on trends, and of course my family!

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