How I Keep A Tidy Home with Kids

Keeping a consistently clean home is refreshing!

Its a new year! Did you set a resolution to keep a cleaner home?!?

There is nothing more refreshing (in my opinion) than a clean home.

Here is how I keep a tidy home without spending hours at a time doing it!

1. Pick up at night – This is huge! It is much more refreshing every morning to see a picked up house than things all over from the day (or days) before.

It’s really a simple task too! While I am Making dinner that is when the kids are to start picking up their toys in the playroom and their rooms.

After dinner I clean the whole kitchen. By that I mean I load the dishwasher, wipe off all counters and stove top, clean table, clean high chair, and do a quick vacuum with the Dyson Cordless, and set coffee pot for the next morning.

Once or twice a week I clean all the windows, mop the floor, and wipe off cabinets.

I cleanup the main floor powder room after the kitchen because well we have a 3 year old boy! This includes cleaning the mirror, wiping out the sink, changing the hand towel, emptying the garbage and wiping down the toilet.

The kids know to bring down all the dirty laundry from the day and put it in the laundry room.

At this point most things should be picked up and put away. I’m a big believer of everything having its own home. This helps everyone know where to put it when it’s time to pick up. If things don’t have a “home” where do they go?!?

I then start And sometimes finish a load of laundry before bedtime.

If this is the only tip of mine you follow through with… you will still be in good shape! Sure it won’t be “clean” but it will at least be picked up with a clean kitchen and bathroom.

2. Make beds and Clean bathroom in the morning- Before I head downstairs if a bed is empty I make it! After everyone is ready for the day I wipe off sinks and mirrors in the bathrooms and check the toilets. Once or twice a week a clean the toilet bowl. I usually pick a morning one time a week to clean the shower and tubs that get used. I spray them with vinegar before I hop in the shower and then scrub and rinse the shower when in it. I then rinse the tubs when I’m out of the shower.

If there is time… do one load of laundry in the morning too

3.Wash beds and clean bedrooms once a week – once a week sometimes all in one day sometimes 3 separate days, I strip all the beds. When the beds are striped I go in and dust ceiling fans, clean shutters (or blinds), clean windows, mirrors, dust surfaces, vacuum, and make beds with fresh linens! Each room maybe takes 20 minutes because they are picked up I just have to clean!

So now the kitchen is clean, bathrooms are clean, and bedrooms are clean. So depending on your home you may have it all cleaned or you may have a room or two or a floor or two that need dusted and vacuumed.

4. Clean remaining windows and mirrors – once a week or as needed (sometimes more sometimes less) I grab my Norwex window cloth or good old fashioned window cleaner and knock out all windows and mirrors while the kids are napping, resting, or playing.

5. Dust off remaining blinds and surfaces – this is another once a week or as needed. Again, I do this when the kids are playing, napping, and or resting. Sometimes I get lucky and they want to help!

6. Vacuum- as needed. I have a vacuuming problem. I have a Dyson V6 to use when I’m tired of walking on crumbs or at night for a quick cleanup. I have a roomba to vacuum while we are gone or on a floor of the house we are not on at the time. I also have a Shark Vacuum that I use to vacuum floors and base boards. I use it once a week (maybe more but only because I love to vacuum)

Extra- when I’m all caught up on laundry I wash the decorative towels (you know the ones that no one uses), blankets, and rugs that are washable.

That’s it! My house is clean like really clean and I just do a little bit here and there throughout the week!

I love to learn new cleaning tips and tricks! Please share your ideas with me!

I am a wife and mom to 3 children. I have a love for fashion, cooking, staying up on trends, and of course my family!

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