Flex Menstrual Disc

My Commitment to a “better” period

PERIODS….They are not exactly pleasant and they are definitely not our favorite conversations but for most of us women… they come like clockwork.

Periods can be different for everyone. Some have light easy periods, some never know when their periods are coming, some have debilitating periods, some have heavy periods.

Wherever you fall… I do think the The Flex Menstrual Disc is worth a try!

The idea of the Flex Menstrual Disc

  • 12 hour wear – Flex is hypoallergenic, made Without BPA, phthalates, or latex, and safe to wear for 12 hours. No more worry of Toxic Shock Syndrome.
  • Reduced cramps – 70% of users noticed reduced cramps compared to other menstrual products.
  • Worry-free workouts – Flex uses ComfrotSeal technology to warm and form to your body. So, take that spin class, go for a swim, or downward dog during your period without worry.
  • Mess-free Period Sex – put a fresh Disc in before getting down and you can enjoy sex on your period without the mess.
  • Comfort – 97% of users cannot feel Flex while wearing it. Say bye bye to irritation, odor, and dryness during your period!

My not so glamorous story (possibly TMI)

I was lucky enough (didn’t think so at that time) to get my period a little later than most of my friends. However, it made up for lost time. The moment I stated to get my period it was so painful and so heavy I could barely get out of bed the first day or two.

So, off to the doctor we went… where the only answer they had was birth control. Long story short… that wasn’t the answer for me. I ended up having endometriosis… which may or may not have been the main cause of it all.

So we went through procedures and in and out of menopause (I was 18 at the time) and nothing really worked. So I resigned to the fact that I just had a heavy uncomfortable period.

Years went by of struggling with having to wear super plus tampons (that would only last an hour max) that started to irritate me, pads that irritated me (by irritation you would think I was allergic to them) and just a really rough 2-7 days every month.

Fast forward 3 babies and 18 years later… I was tired of the irritation. Now they have organic tampons… I have them a try. They were even worse! They hurt the entire time they were in and I wish I had an answer to why. So, I stated reading about The Flex Menstrual Disc and decided it was worth a try.

They came, I opened the box in front of my husband and we both had a laugh and an unsettling look. They are bigger than I imagined and I became immediately intimidated! I looked at the pamphlet for a minute, closed the box, and thought NOPE!

As we were getting ready for bed…somewhere I found the courage or maybe it was the hope that they would be my answer to some of my issues with my period. So I followed the directions (I won’t share the details) and I was pleasantly surprised that it was easier to insert than I had myself believing earlier in the night.

My first thought once it was in… I can’t feel it. Which of course made me wonder if it was even in correctly… but went with it.

For the first time in longer than I can remember I was able to go all night without having to worry about my period! So, I’m pretty sure it was in right!

That following morning, they give you some pointers on removal… let’s just say it’s not exactly glamorous but really tampons aren’t either. It was however pretty easy to remove which was a bit of concern of mine once it was in.

You can open the package almost like an envelope so that you can put the used one in it before tossing

While this isn’t the most glamorous topic. Really it’s kind of gross (again I will spare you), I recommend trying them!

My feelings on The Flex Disc

  • It was easy to insert
  • It was comfortable once in
  • It was easy to remove (gross but easy)
  • I wasn’t irritated like I would be from tampons and pads
  • My period is in fact more comfortable so I guess these little discs really do make my period “better”….

So, if you struggle with your period or maybe want to try something different because well you know your reasons… then I recommend trying Flex!

They have a little quiz you can take once on the website just scroll down to Is Flex for me? The quiz will help you know what products you need. They also have a Try Flex Now deal on your first box! It’s definitely worth the try!

Here’s to “better” periods!

I am a wife and mom to 3 children. I have a love for fashion, cooking, staying up on trends, and of course my family!

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  • Lindsey Price

    I’ve never even heard of this!! I like that it’s a one use and toss item unlike some of the cup things out there. Thanks for sharing!!

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