Twelvelittle Companion Backpack

In the last 4 and half years i have been through several diaper bags. Some of the brands were Ju-Ju-be, Coach, pacapod, some random Amazon finds but my most favorite has been my Twelvelittle Companion Backpack.

It’s been my favorite for so many reasons! It’s a little higher in price but it’s worth it!

What has made this one my favorite?!?

The SIZE is a huge part of why it’s my fav! It’s not huge and bulky but holds everything we need for all 3 kids! Sure, the waterproof camo print material is super fun (possibly load for some but they have lots of styles) but the size is what won me over. I wouldn’t say this is a small bag but more of a medium size. I have definitely had some bulky ones and this one isn’t in my opinion.

The other reason it’s a fav… it has decent amount of pockets to help keep things septa day organized.

1. It has 2 “drink” pockets

The do require a little stretching at first but they do stretch and are insulated!

2. The front zip pocket is where I prefer to have my wallet phone and keys for easy access. It could hold more too! It’s a great size pocket!

3. It has another deep front zipper pocket where I keep hand sanitizer, chapstick, mom products, pens… you know anything you might need at a quick grab! Again, it’s deep and holds a good amount! For a sizing reference i can pretty much put my whole flat hand inside it ( probably both).

4. It has a hidden changing pad! This is key to keeping sizing down but still being function. It has a zipper on the back side on the bottom!

You can also see with the back side it’s a breathable padded mesh so that a bonus for comfort!! The straps are padded too!

5. The inside! It again great size! It’s by no means huge but the space inside is huge! The bag unzips about half way so not everything will fall out.

It has another small zipper pocket inside

Plus a divided pocket in the inside for tablets or where I prefer to keep my dry/wet bag with changes of clothes for everyone.

Deep down inside the main pocket it has 2 more little organizing pockets for extra bottles or whatever.

6. The inside is a super easy to wipe fabric because let’s be honest things explode or spill inside on occasion.

That’s it… again this bag isn’t the biggest bag on the market but it sure holds a lot!

I originally went with the bag because we were leaving on vacation and I needed a diaper bag that was going to be comfortable but also slide under the seat of the airplane easily! This bag is the first diaper bag I have truly loved!

Bonus today (12/28) they have some great bags on sale for their outlet sale! I cannot recommend you trying these bags enough!!

I also love my Logan + Lenora 3 piece waterproof bags to help me stay extra organized!

I know finding the perfect diaper bag out there can be different for everyone but I hope my opinion helps!

I am a wife and mom to 3 children. I have a love for fashion, cooking, staying up on trends, and of course my family!

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